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Hi, Thank you for stopping by! I created this book because I have a lifelong love of drumming and all the creative possibilities that exist on the drum kit, they are endless! The goal of this book is to enhance your drum groove, fill creation, and solo possibilities by sharing some of the ideas I work with in the hope that they will help provide an additional spark to your own creative fire. The book includes 50 carefully curated grooves that will increase your groove pattern possibilities and increase your exposure to odd time signatures. The 28 fills and phrasing ideas will add dimension to your improvisational skills and the bonus section will enhance your sticking dexterity and independence. I graduated from the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood CA and played in the Jazz ensembles in college before graduating. I love all kinds of music and am continually fascinated with the possibilities of music and drumming. I have played in numerous bands throughout the years spanning rock, jazz, and fusion music and continue to study and play. The book is great for all ages and skill levels! Please click on the picture below for more details and to download the book. Thank you! Happy Drumming!

Fun Grooves, Fills, and Phrasing Ideas for the Drum Set

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